"Net Valued Marketing's work product is remarkably more advanced and professional in comparison to others in the industry.  I have had numerous flattering comments about my site, and have been told by numerous clients that the site was taken into account prior to hiring me."
Bryan G. Hershman, Esq.


Our Approach

checkNet Valued Marketing takes a consultative approach to each client.  Starting with website evaluation or design, analytics are put into place to establish a baseline of activity while an online marketing strategy is developed with you.

Recommendations are made relative to email marketing, website revision/testing, search engine marketing and search engine optimization.  We understand that marketing budgets are tight and will work with you to prioritize an online marketing building program that generates increased customer activity with each step.  We measure and revise the process for improvements and provide you with our “Value Check Report” each month.  You’ll know exactly what progress is being made and your marketing return on investment.

A great website is the foundation of online marketing but not the only tactic needed to build a strong online marketing program.  Let us help you build a whirlwind of marketing activity online while you focus on doing what you do best, running your business.